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Welcome to La Grange ISD's Parent Portal (Parent Self Serve) application. This application is for PARENTS and GUARDIANS ONLY. Students may access our Student Portal (Student Self Serve) application by clicking on the Student Portal link from any campus menu. Through our website or the TEAMS mobile app, parents are able to access student information such as - attendance - grades and - assessment scores (STAAR). As well as set up email notifications for - unexcused absences - tardies and - missing/incomplete assignments to name a few.

If you have forgotten your User ID please DO NOT register as a New User, instead click on the Forgot User ID link at the bottom of this page. If you have forgotten or need to change your Password, please click on the appropriate link found at the bottom of the Sign-in page. LGISD Employees - DO NOT need to register for a Parent Portal (Parent Self Serve) login, you will use your TEAMS login to sign-in. NEW Users - To register and be authenticated, you must know the following registration information for one of your students: - Student First Name - Student Last Name - Student Birthdate - Student ID (can be found on a schedule or report card) - Parent/Guardian First Name - Parent/Guardian Last Name During the initial set up, you will be asked to create your own User ID and Password, as well as create your own security question and answer. The security question and answer will be used in the future, if you forget and have to reset your password. All data is case sensitive. We recommend you NOT use your student's ID # as your User ID.

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